Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k Drone Review

1: What is the capability of the camera? Is it versatile in movement?

The Yuneec Q500 4K Drone has a CGo3 4K 3-axis Gimbal Camera. This means that with UHD (4K), the camera has highly versatile movement and can capture at speed or in slow motion, high-quality images. Slow motion is done with 1080p, at 120fps and 4K UHD video is done at 30fps. This provides unparalleled realism.

The camera also has a no-distortion lens, which allows for excellent 12MP photos, during slow motion and regular motion. In addition, the user can control the gimbal camera from the CGO3 smartphone app, which allows the user to control the shot. The field of view for the camera is 115 degrees; but with rotation capabilities, the gimbal camera can capture 360 degrees while in flight. Needless to say, this is a high-tech and versatile camera drone.

2: What kind of technology runs the Yuneec Typhoon 4K Drone?

The Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K drone (also called rotors or quad-copters), uses an Android operating system and is equipped with an integrated, 3-axis precision gimbal camera that offers incredible range. The technology in this drone offer 12 megapixel photos to be taken without distortion and the handheld SteadyGrip allows the user to capture video while controlling the camera.

With flight time up to 25 minutes, the 5400mAh 35 11.1V LiPo battery is pretty powerful and can easily be charged with the included charger. The transmitter uses a 10-channel, 2.4GHz with 5.8GHz video downlink.


You also don’t have to worry about the drone wandering off. The Typhoon comes with a Geo Fence you can set up, with a 300ft/91m radius. Legal flying height is 400ft/122m vertically. There is also the “Smart Circle,” which is 26ft/8m in radius, where the person flying the drone stands—this technology makes sure that the user is not harmed by the quad-copter when it takes off or lands—this is why the Typhoon must take off into the air outside of the Smart Circle.

3: What are some uses for this 4K drone?

The most common reason for buying the Typhoon drone is for aerial photography and video. Getting smooth, professional footage flying manually is not easy—the Yuneec Typhoon’s “Watch Me” mode allows the Typhoon to set up in position and automatically get footage of action, on the go. You can create amazing selfie videos or just set up the drone to follow you anywhere you go.

This is perfect for sports, realtors, and movie-makers who wish to maintain a cost-effective means of recording video smoothly from the air, to capture landscaping or the desired ground shoots. The CGO3 mobile app actually allows the SteadyGrip user to shoot videos, capture images, and control the gimbal camera—the last of which is great for those who need to remain in control of the camera for dynamic and planned-out shots, such as for filmmaking.

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4 Reasons Why Science and Technology News Should Interest You

Many people are not interested in to science and technology news. They are usually more interested in watching reality shows or engaging in social media. I would like to point out that there is a reason why people should be interested in science and technology news, and that is not just to be able to say something smart dark area conversation, more importantly or future development should really be a topic of interest for all of us. In addition to that, there are many reasons why science and technology news should interest you and why you should devote your precious time to read in science and technology news. Here are four reasons why I definitely recommend you to read more about science and technology in general, and especially to read more about science and technology in the news.

1. Growth And Progress Of Our Civilization
As it has been previously mentioned, IT-connectthe growth and progress of for our civilisation is something that we should really learn more about. In addition to that, it’s very important that you put in effort into learning more about current scientific achievement, as well as important scientific breakthroughs. That being said, you would also be able to predict some of the important scientific breakthroughs that are about to happen. All in all, if you’re eager to look into future and see what the future will look like perhaps you should devote more of your free time to read in science and technology news.

World-Science-Festival2. Interesting Subjects Reading science and technology news on a regular basis will provide you with enough interesting subjects to think for a start about with your friends. Not only that it is incredibly informative to read science and technology news, but it can also be your pastime or a free time activity that you really enjoy. In addition to that, you will be full of interesting subjects that you can go through with your friends, or on your own. That being said, science and technology news are also something that will keep you occupied, which makes it a perfect hobby if you think about it.

3. Make Conversation
Needless to say, that with sufficient information about science and technology news you will always be on top of every conversation that you participate in and you will be able to make conversation with people or are even unwilling to talk. In addition to that, you are also expanding your worldview and the things you know. It’s always useful to learn new things and reading science and technology news will provide you with just that experience. Therefore, if you have troubles participating in conversation perhaps reading science and technology news can make it a lot easier for you to get end of the social world.concept of people communicate in a global network. Icons of peop

4. Learn More About The World
If you are just eager to learn more about the world in general, as well as things that are currently hot topics for debate, make sure that you read science and technology news and always keep up-to-date.

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